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Alternative ways to stay active during cold weather

Cold weather is unpleasant for many outdoor activities. It prevents people quite often from staying active and keeping their routine. And it makes sense – who wants to go out and get sweaty when the temperatures are so low that you only aim to stay cozy and warm in your home? Who wants to have tons of layers and feel like a small bear just to keep themselves barely warm enough to do sport?

Not many of us, especially those who do sports for pleasure. For this reason, people often lack motivation and train seasonally. Of course, it’s also an excellent mental and physical break, isn’t it? But I am sure there are other ways to refresh your body and mind while still being active (and warm)! Let’s give you some ideas!

Okay, obviously, we are all different. Maybe you are the type of person who absolutely refuses to train outside during the cold days, and you’re unwilling to change that. No problem, we’ve got you! We will share some other activities that can keep you warm and active. In addition, it will likely give you the mental break of your usual outdoor preference sport choice. Plus, you may hit some new muscles and get even a better “summer look” 🙂


The gym

Okay, I think at first, if you haven’t tried this one yet, you might be a bit skeptical if you’re going to like it. I was years ago. But once you get going, you will see that ‘the gym’ could be much more than just lifting weights. There are so many machines, cardio options, equipment for free weight exercise, and my favorite – gym classes! They could be so much fun – from pilates to indoor cycling, joining a group of people can really make you feel comfortable and more accountable. You can also bring a friend for your first visit because this one is the most stressful! I suggest you find a gym you feel comfortable in; you like the environment. Hopefully, it’s close enough to your home or workplace too.



Boxing is a great way to learn a new skill, shed a lot of weight, and release the pressure you handle daily. It could help you both mentally and physically, especially for people that deal with a lot of emotions. In addition, a boxing session can truly clear your mind and help you sleep better.

Indoor team sport- volleyball, basketball, futsal, and more

If you are a person who prefers team sports – those ones are for you! So gather the best team and crush it together. Moreover, it’s an excellent way to bond with people; have so much fun (yes, team sports are always a lot of fun!), while building a healthy version of you!

Indoor swimming

Although swimming doesn’t burn as many calories, it can still shape you and help you stay strong during the cold weather. Moreover, putting on a bathing suit often can make you exercise more! If you want to get more work in, just do some intervals where you swim really fast for some short time and then relax for the same amount of time. You can repeat sets like this for 20 minutes up to an hour, depending on how much time you have.

Home/office workouts

Nowadays, we have access to so many online workout ideas that we can do literally everywhere. So you know what? You have no excuse here! If you really wanna get fit while being cozy, you better search the internet and find something that fits you. Getting small equipment that doesn’t take as much space – like a kettle ball, gym ball, loop bands can make such a difference!

Anything that can get you moving in an indoor environment, just go for it! It might be harder to get out of the door, but you are doing yourself a great favor once you are there. Although we often do sports in order to look good, there are so many benefits beyond that. Sports can change your body, your health, and the way you think and see the world as well. Being active helps you build a different character that will move you forward and teach you how to fight and overcome any barrier you may face. Don’t make it seasonal!

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