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7 Helpful Tips for Running in the Wind

The truth is that, regardless of where you live, you will experience running in the wind at some point during the year.
But here is the thing – the wind doesn’t have to confine you to running on the treadmill, ruin your race day or even make you skip a workout. Follow these 7 tips for running in the wind to make the experience more pleasant and turn the wind from an enemy into a friend of yours.

1. Accept that the wind is there

The first step of dealing with the wind when running is to come to terms with the fact that it will slow you down. You won’t be able to perform at your best and that’s okay. Just accept that your running time will most likely be slower than what you are used to, but it’s the effort that matters.
Wind of any kind would require more effort from your side, even if it’s just 5-10 mph. If it happens to be particularly windy outside, it might be best to adjust your training plan and avoid doing sprints or longer runs.

2. Switch your mindset

It is our mindset that determines whether we will succeed in something or not. It is all in your head if you will be able to finish your run. Running in the wind is hard, but hard doesn’t mean impossible.
Don’t forget that when you’ve already trained in windy weather, if during a race it happens to be windy, you will be much more prepared and less affected by it. This will be a great advantage to you!

3. Relax your body

Along with relaxing your mind, you need to focus on relaxing your body as well. It is a natural instinct to want to tense up your muscles. Often runners end up hunching forward, hunkering down or clenching their hands.
However, tensing your muscles will only fatigue them sooner and leave you with less energy overall. Make sure to keep a good form and mindfully check from time to time whether you’re not unintentionally clenching or hunching.

4. Adjust your technique

The unpleasant feeling of the wind inevitably causes many runners to change their form. Our bodies’ instinct is to try and avoid exposure to the wind as much as possible, which is usually achieved by hunching over.
The bad news is that any shift in your entire running form can lead to injury or nagging pain after time. Keep checking on yourself not only to loosen your muscles, but also to keep a good form.

5. Use the wind to your advantage

Instead of seeing it as something negative and thinking how annoying the wind is, turn it into something positive. Running in the wind creates extra resistance and requires you to use more energy, which in return makes you stronger.
Switch your perspective into thinking that next time you have a race, you will be able to perform better, because you are putting more effort right now. This little mindset switch can make a huge difference in your run and experience overall.

6. Dress for the wind

No matter the season, running in the wind requires a little tweak in your running gear. The more fitted your outfit is, the less resistance you will experience during your run. Avoiding baggy clothing is key in windy weather, as it will make your workout smoother.
Go for something fitted, yet protective, which will keep you warm without overheating. However, do not put too much on – you will get warm during the run, so having too many layers is unnecessary. Having a buff, gloves and a beanie at hand can always be useful – you just put them on when you need them and take them off when you don’t.

7. Plan your route in advance

Remember what we talked about in tip number 5? Planning your route in advance goes hand in hand with using the wind to your advantage.
Plan where you are going to run – ideally in a way that during your last miles the wind is behind your back, pushing you forward. This way, if you are too tired, you will get that extra push thanks to the weather conditions, and finishing up the run won’t seem as daunting.

I know how annoying running in the wind can be, but we have to find the best in every situation, right!? Try to implement these tips next time you have to run in such conditions and see if it works to your advantage.


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