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Should I start running with a coach?

As you start running, it can feel hard and overwhelming, but before you know it, you love it to the bones! It’s only natural that you want to keep advancing your skills and you might start considering training with a running coach. At around this point, many enthusiast runners go to the limbo – they want to get better, yet they are still not dedicated enough to pay for a personal coach and start a serious training regime. The logical option is to look for a training plan.


Why a predefined plan is not the best option

Let’s say you start training for your next 5k with a 30-day plan that is mapped out for you right at the start. You know which days you have to train and what kind of results you are after. But what if you skip a day? Do you know how to continue so that you still get the most of the training plan? And what happens when you finish the plan and get to the race? Surely, you won’t just stop running after that. You’ll keep going, jumping from one predefined plan to another. 

Another issue you may face without a coach is that you can get easily injured doing the wrong amount of hard work. You can get so hyped of your results and keep pushing your limits further. In other words, you can easily overtrain. It may feel as if pushing will get you where you want to be faster, but in fact, it does the opposite. Us humans tend to be unable to realize when to take it easy and when to push because often we are too ambitious. This can ultimately prevent you from reaching your running potential.

Remember, there’s no ”one plan fits all”. Following a particular predefined program will limit the flexibility you may need to improve your running skills.

Okay, ready-made plans are not great. What do I do?

While predefined plans give you a goal and direction, and that matters when you want to achieve something, it is also important to recognize that running is a never-ending journey. A runner always strives to get better and improve. Seeing this need in ourselves also – we created a smart virtual coach that is the perfect guide for this journey.

The Coach uses workouts created by professional athletes and experienced coaches of Olympians, World Championship finalists and medalists from multiple international races such as the European Championship and the European Cross Country Championship. The workouts are designed to develop all of your running skills and make you faster, more enduring and stronger. The Coach will make sure that the plan is based on your abilities and works specifically to develop your weak sides and strengthen your strong sides. The best part is that the Coach is adaptive. Meaning that the more you run, the more it learns and adjusts the plan. For example, if you skip a day, the Coach will adapt it. 

In a nutshell, if you’re not ready to get a personal coach, try a virtual one. We promise that training with Vitesse Running Coach is a journey you will greatly enjoy, and as we also keep improving it, it will get more personalized to you!



Try the app yourself:

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