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Running in times of COVID-19

As runners, we experience first-hand the restrictions to do what we love due to the COVID-19 situation globally. However, our health should always be the priority, thus we strongly encourage you to follow all the regulations your local authorities imply. After all, skipping a few weeks of training is better than a few months without running at all, right?

At these times, where most of the world is under quarantine, we have more time to evaluate our life and why not our running life?

Re-evaluate your goals

Why are you running? If your goal is just to get in shape, outdoor workouts may be postponed for later. If you feel that your environment is not safe for running and you may encounter too many people along the way, it’s better to stay put. There are other exercises you can do at home to get in shape during the quarantine.

However, if running is more than just a weight-loss method for you and there’s a race that you want to prepare for, you might feel like you need to step out of the door. In this case, you can use the time to put the extra work and benefit from the free time you have in the middle of COVID-19. Many countries still do not restrict people to go to parks. Some even advise to go out and workout but do so alone and in places where you can keep the social distance. You still have to go to the grocery store so instead of taking the car or using public transport, you can run. Just make sure you carefully plan your route to encounter as fewer people as possible.

Don’t overdo it

Regular exercise and fresh air can strengthen the immune system. If you run your regular distances, this should have a good positive effect on your overall health. Keep in mind that now is not the best time to push your limits as it can have the opposite effect.

Caution: If you go for a run and start feeling bad or have an unusually hard time breathing, please go straight home and contact your doctor.

Train your mind

You might not be able to run with your favorite buddies but that may be a good time to build up self-motivation. The ability to cheer yourself up during a run without being dependant on external motivation will better prepare you for the many races to come after COVID-19 is long gone. Take this time to train your mind and prove to yourself that you can top your running goals on your own. 

Build up muscle strength at home

This is the ideal time to find a new workout home routine. The perfect solution is to use some bands to strengthen your lower muscles. Also, don’t forget to do all of your favorite core exercises that will aid your form during running. Push-ups, squads, planks can not only kill you some time but improve your fitness and help you to become a better runner. Furthermore, staying behind closed doors can harm your psychological health. So a routine exercise program can not only help your body but also lift your spirit. And if you feel like you lack ideas, social media is full of interesting videos which provide very solid home workouts, so don’t wait and google it!

Pay attention to nutrition

Staying at home means that you will be spending less energy than usual. Thus, you do not need to “carb- load” as you are about to do a long run or workout. Moreover, make sure you stock yourself with a lot of fresh produce and buy a variety of fruits and vegetables. To stay healthy, your body will need a solid amount of vitamins and minerals. To get the most out of it, do not forget to visit the local markets and buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Also, some doctors claim that people who have zinc deficiency are more prone to get sick from coronavirus. We advise you to consider eating foods that are rich in zinc as prevention. Zinc can be found in an excellent amount in red meat, oysters, tofu, lentils, chickpeas, cashew, peanuts, seeds like hemp seed or pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate and many others.

During those uneasy times, the most important thing is to stay safe and take care of yourself and those around you. If your local authorities allow people to go out for solo workouts and you’re feeling well, take precautions and keep running. If not, please stay at home! You’ll have all the time in the world to get back in shape once the crisis is over.

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