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Recommended Dynamic Pre-run Warmup from an Olympian

Often, to get better at what you do, you have to do the little things. One of the little things that runners often miss or skip in the running world is the pre-run warm-up exercises. In this article, we will focus only on the dynamic pre-run warm-up exercises.
Doing the dynamic pre-run warm-up exercise can prevent injuries and help you get faster. Those exercises will warm up your muscles and enable your body to use those muscles more efficiently. When doing them, your muscles essentially ‘connect’ to your brain, and you are activating them in order to use them to their full potential. You also develop better mobility and elasticity, which are critical for running faster.
Dynamic pre-run warm-up raises your body temperatures and prepares you to ease into your running speed. Moreover, your blood circulation in your muscles increases, and you start to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your working muscles. After your dynamic warm-up, your body is fired up and ready to go. Plus, if you are sore, the active warm-up routine can aid your body to feel more smoothly while running.

How do you include dynamic pre-run warm up exercises to your training?

Doing dynamic exercises will prevent injuries, but if you directly start with them, it can cause it. You have to always start with slower, low-intensity movements. You can do some walking just to get your body moving. Adding some stretching is a great idea. You can do some static stretching, to begin with, and then you are ready to go and transfer to your dynamic warm-up.

How long should you warm up before your run? When is it best to do it?

You can spend around 10 minutes before you enjoy some running. It’s best to do a dynamic warm-up, especially before you have to run some sprints or fast intervals. Still, you can include them before your easy days if you feel better. It can help you start a little faster than usual.

Our favorite dynamic warmup exercises before a run

1. Walking lunge

Lunges are great exercises that tone your body and help you with your running posture, as well as the range of motion you develop. Lunges fire up your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

2. Butt Kicks

Butt kicks are more running-specific exercises; thus, doing them really prepares your body for what is next. Moreover, they can improve your stride and running form.

3. High knees exercises

You can do these standing in one place, or you can do them moving forward. They boost your cardiovascular endurance, aid your lower body strength and core, and help you develop better coordination.

4. Hip stretch with a twist

Runners often complain of sore hips, and stretching them can really ease the pain and help you run smoothly. Adding a twist to the hip stretch will improve your range of motion and prepare your upper body as well.

5. Arm circles

We tend to focus more on our legs when thinking about running, but your upper body is equally important. Your arms work together with your legs, and doing dynamic stretching for your upper body is critical. For example, arm circles help the range of motion and flexibility for your arms, shoulders, and back. Furthermore, they also tone your muscles.

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