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Do I need a running coach?

Running is one absolutely amazing activity and as you may guess – my favorite sport. It can give you with so much. You can clear your mind while running, it can improve your mood, it can help you achieve your dream body, it can be your passion and career, it can be the time when you are discovering who you are and how strong you are deep inside, it can be fun and social. There are so many benefits you can get by simply going out for a run.

But what happens for many of us is that running becomes more than just 30-40 minutes jog. It becomes movement where we are curious how much faster and further we can go and where are our limits.

We are buying fast shoes, expensive gear, and signing up for races all over the world just to see how far we can go with it. At that point, many runners start to wonder if they need a running coach. This article is going to explore whether you need a running coach and what are the benefits and the limits of each case.

No (need of) running coach

If you are totally new to running and you like to be adventurous, you may decide to try out “the running thing” by yourself. You may prefer to explore your body capabilities by doing what you feel up to for the day, without the pressure of following a particular program or schedule.
The benefit of having no coach at that point is that you can decide what to do and when to do it, based on your lifestyle. Maybe you are a very busy person and it might be hard to find the time or effort to dedicate yourself to a particular routine or regime.

Thus, you prefer to stay flexible and run when you want, and do what feels good for the day.

The disadvantage of this case is that you may not get proper training. You may train way too much/too fast for your fitness level and easily get injured. Or you may do too little or stay very inconsistent to see the benefits of what you do.

Real-life coach

Some runners decide to commit to real-life coaching and this is great.
Having a coach who you can see often and ask for advice is obviously a great advantage. Your coach can help you not only with your running program but can also often correct your running form which is often a limitation if you don’t have a coach or you have a virtual coach.

Your coach can also show you particular exercises and drills which are easier to learn in real-time than watching a YouTube video for example.
But there are some limitations of real-life coaching.
First, it may be hard to find the right fit for you. Not every coach will have the same vision for your goals and their running philosophy might be very different from yours.
Secondly, it may be hard for you to find time to go for practice under the supervision of a coach. Many amateur runners are busy people and simply do not have the time for a real coach.
Thirdly, it may be hard sometimes to get enough attention and dedication from your coach, especially if he/she is having a big group. This often discourages runners to search for coaching services.

Virtual coach

Having a virtual coach is a great solution if the ‘real-life coaching’ is not working for you for some reason, or you don’t have a coach yet and you want one but with the flexibility to run on your schedule.
As one of the creators behind the Vitesse Running App, I will discuss the benefits that Vitesse Running Virtual Coach offers.

Vitesse Virtual Coach loves getting to know you. For our virtual coach, it is critical to know what is your goal, the time you can dedicate per week, and your running background if any.

With this information, the mission of the virtual coach is to create the best possible solution for you to run fast with the time frame you have. It will not only generate a personalized program for you, but it will give you the exact paces you need, advice on how to perform your workout, and comprehensive feedback on how to improve next time you run another one.

The most important advantage of the virtual coach is that everything is personalized to help YOU. For our coach, you are the most special runner and he is here to support you, cheer you and be your best running buddy.
Another benefit is that you can do your run when and where you want, so you can still have a coach but be flexible with your schedule. Moreover, soon you will be able to ‘talk’ to your Virtual coach and ask him questions-  a new feature we are inventing soon to cover the topics you care about the most.
A disadvantage of the virtual coach is that he can’t see you or show you in real-time how to better your running form or drills, and will not be able to attend your competition :slightly_smiling_face: But we promise you it will support you all the way to the finish line and make sure you are well prepared! You can find the download links to the Vitesse Running Coach below.

Download Vitesse Running: The only app created with workouts from Olympic runners:

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