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How to relax when its cold outside

Sometimes winter can be challenging for our mental health. When the weather is cold, windy, and cloudy, we feel a bit down or lack the motivation to do anything. It’s like our good mood is left somewhere warm. But there are ways we can make ourselves feel good and relax during cold days. Actually, there are plenty of ways, so if you feel like you experience a bit of seasonal affective disorder, we know how to make you feel better! Just check out how many great activities you can do to make your days feel fantastic again.


Wine in front of the fire

Wine can definitely play a massive role in our mood on any day and every season. But drinking wine during winter in front of a fire can take you to the next level! It will warm your soul, not only the wine but the fire as well. I can’t think of a better ending of the day than this. However, we recommend you stick to one to two glasses of wine! 🙂


Soft blankets

One of the best gifts you can receive or gift to someone else is one of those super cosy blankets that make you want to stay in bed. They do make a difference. Especially after you’ve been freezing outside, they can give you a warm and comfortable hug. Who doesn’t need one indeed?

Netflix marathon

Being home is not that bad, especially if you have a good Netflix tv – show to binge on. Sometimes, all we need is a Netflix marathon, which will take us somewhere else, at least for a bit. It will give your body rest and your mind away to switch off from the routine.


If you are not much of a home person but like movies, why not go to a cinema? Even better, get a friend or a colleague and bond together over a good movie and a lot of popcorn. Plus, you will be first the see the new trending films and have something to talk about with friends over the cold, dull days.


If I have a favourite season to read books, it’s definitely winter. Since there are limited outdoor activities, going to the library is a great move to keep myself entertained indoors. Reading books can take you anywhere and help you get anywhere. Having a book in mind and a cup of delicious drink in hand is a powerful combo. Check out some local libraries, and consider getting a membership. 

Hot chocolate / tea/ latte

Who doesn’t drink hot drinks during cold weather? Even the ‘cold brew’ types of people I know reach for something warm when temperatures drop. Even if you prefer ice drinks, I bet you will feel excellent allowing some hot chocolate at your table when it’s cold. If you are not a hot chocolate lover, you can still try coffee or tea too. Bonus, you can get a cake too- they pair perfectly!

Hot Soup

After we mentioned the hot chocolate and its friends, we couldn’t leave the hot soup. It deserves its credit for one of the best meals you could have when it’s freezing outside. Moreover, soups are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They also keep us not only healthy but fit too!


It will be a bit weird to go to a sauna in the summer, but who doesn’t love it during low temperatures? One of the well-known benefits of saunas is that they produce a feeling of relaxation. In addition, the sauna can help you reduce the soreness in your muscles and even help with some of your skin problems. So maybe it is time for you to give yourself some spa break.

Board games

Another great indoor activity is gathering friends or colleagues for board games! They are fun; they can help you bond, and they can help you cope with boredom or get away from the pressure.

Winter sports

After all, you can do some fun relaxing sports during winter. Ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, ski jumping are just some of the great winter sports you can try! They can boost your adrenaline and recharge your mood quickly! So why not plan a little vacation with your family or friends and enjoy some winter fun outdoor!

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Militsa Mircheva

Militsa Mircheva

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