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How to breathe while running long distance

Although many of us enjoy running so much, not everybody shares this particular love. I often hear people complaining that they don’t like running for reasons like “it’s hard” and “I am running out of breath so fast”. And you are completely right – running can be hard and everybody runs out of breath at some point in their running experience. But not every run needs to feel that way! The reasons why beginners give up on running (like the above mentioned) actually have an explanation and quick fix.

Let’s first examine why you run out of breath. It’s simple – you run way too fast. Even the breathing of the professional runners can be quite noisy and tough when they are doing some quick intervals, sprints or hills. This is also related to the “hard feeling” of running. It is also connected to the common pain you feel under your chest when you are speeding your run.

What you can do to fix your breathing while running

Run slowly

The solution is to run SLOWLY. Enjoy your run, do not go out of the door and start running like you are catching the bus. Start very easy, a bit faster than walking, and increase your speed to a comfortable level. Another way you can try to fix this issue is to start doing running + walking. Once you feel like your breathing is getting too hard and noisy – start walking for a few minutes. Do a couple sets of this exercise and in less than a month you will be able to cover more distance, run more and walk less.

We have so many workouts in our Vitesse Running App that supports this ideology of running for beginners. You can find them in our beginners and fat-burning category. Many runners love it because it is less boring and you can have so many variations.

Do not lose control

Another tip is just a friendly reminder that YOU control your breathing. YOU decide your running speed. You don’t run out of breath (usually) when you walk because you are walking at a comfortable speed. The same goes for running. Find a speed that feels good to you and give your body and mind time to adapt to running. Take breaks, enjoy the surroundings.

Breathe deeply

Once you start to gasp for air, breath deeply but fast. Open your mouth and use your diaphragm to its potential. However, breathing deeply does not mean intentionally slowing down your breathing. Relax your body+mind and the speed will dictate how fast you should breathe.

Lastly, do not forget that being out of breath sometimes actually helps us to become fitter and better at running. While it is uncomfortable, it is a good reminder that the best things happen out of our comfort zone.


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