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How the power of AI improves running

If you go for a run regularly, you probably use an app to track basic statistics such as distance, heart rate, calories burned and average speed. That’s the best way to see your progress over time. The problem with most apps is that the data they provide is not really accurate, thus you can’t properly see how you advance. 


Why is that

Fitness and running apps track data by either using the GPS or the step counter of your phone. The problem is that neither can provide accurate numbers when used separately.

  • The step tracker uses a built-in accelerometer to collect data. It tracks the speed and movement of your phone to calculate your steps, and that often returns false data.
  • The GPS receiver on your phone picks up signals from multiple satellites to determine your position. The accuracy of the received signals can be fallible if you run close to tall buildings or in a dense forest, for example. Also, GPS doesn’t work indoors or when running on a treadmill.

For more accurate results, you could use a wearable such as a smartwatch. That still doesn’t guarantee best results as it tracks data in a way similar to your phone.


How AI makes a difference

As mentioned above, there are only two ways to track the data you need about your running routine. That’s by either using the GPS or the step tracker of the phone/smartwatch. Since neither is accurate on its own, can an app really help runners keep track of their progress and improve their results based on that? That’s a question we asked ourselves and the short answer is: yes, it can. And we did it.



Vitesse Running is an app that uses AI-powered algorithms to detect the actual running speed based on the data from both the GPS and the step tracker of the phone. Depending on where you run, the algorithm gives a slight advantage to the data from one or the other. That way the algorithm receives data from two different sources to compare and analyse it. 

It’s how we can determine false data and exclude it. That’s the reason why runners using Vitesse Running see results that are more accurate than those of any other app. In fact, the more you run, the more data the algorithm collects and analyses. It adapts and performs better analysis to provide you with more accurate results every time you run. 


What’s next

While accurate data tracking is without any doubt a great advantage for runners using Vitesse Running, that’s just the start. The algorithm we have developed will learn and improve further. Soon it will allow us to provide you with personalized recommendations of how to improve your running on every stage. That would not be based on plain statistics but on your personal running performance, tracked and analysed by our AI-powered algorithm.   

Download the first officially released version of  Vitesse Running on AppStore for FREE here.

Stay tuned, as not only Android is coming soon, but also more exciting features to make running your favourite activity!

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