Vitesse Running


Having a goal in mind is critical when you want to achieve something. It gives you direction and motivation to move forward. When we talk about Target pace in Vitesse Running, we mean your ideal pace either per kilometer or per mile, based on the given time you indicated you would like to achieve for 5k/10k/half marathon or marathon.

This is the type of run that your body needs to absorb the benefits of your workouts. Recovery days are as much crucial as hard days. Think about your easy, recovery pace as a line that connects the dots. Without these days, your body will get fatigued quickly, and it will be harder for you to run fast when you have to. Furthermore, recovery days help you build more endurance and make running more enjoyable.

Basic endurance is where your speed should feel easy to moderate based on the workout you are doing. Building basic endurance is as important as the base for any house you want to build. Thus, you want to have a strong foundation before you are striking for more. Also, your capillary system will improve, and your body will become more efficient using more fats for fuel. 

All the intervals included in the red tag are designed to help you improve both your aerobic and anaerobic endurance, while your V02max is improving as well. They are a vital touch of your training program because they help you run faster for longer.

Nobody likes when to get beaten in the last 100m of a race regardless of the distance. That’s why your speed and anaerobic power is critical. During this stage, your body lacks oxygen, and it can perform at very high intensity for a short duration of time.