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Women and their role in sport

Do you know that women participate less in sport than man? If you ask a girl or a woman why she would not engage in forms of physical activities, likely the answer is fear—the fear of what others will think and what others will say.

How to relax when its cold outside

When the weather is bad we tend to feel a bit down or lack the motivation to do anything. But how to make ourselves feel good and relax when it is cold outside.

8 Ways to improve your sleep (and life)

We often underestimate sleep unless we start getting too little of it. Here are the effects of bad sleep and how to improve your sleeping habits in 8 easy steps.

5 Healthy Food Swap Ideas to try in 2022

When we talk about nutrition, we want to set long-term goals and easy steps we can follow. Here are 5 easy and healthy food swap ideas you can try right now.

6 Healthy New Year Resolutions

New Year, New Me – this is what we like to say. Here are 6 ideas for healthy New Year resolutions to set this year, which will improve your life without overwhelming you.

5 Big Mental Health Benefits of Running

Мental health should be taken care of just like our physical health, if not more. Here are 5 mental health benefits of running, which can help us in our personal and work life.