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What is the best interval running app out there?

In this article, we would like to explain why we believe Vitesse Running App is the best interval app while underlining its advantage. To get the most out of the app, it will be beneficial to read why we created Vitesse Running and how each category is there to make you the best runner possible.
First, we would like to acknowledge that there are a lot of great apps out there. We took a look at the most popular ones and tried to build on and improve from what they offer and add our personal touch to make Vitesse Running a different experience.

Personalised experience - to help you improve your running

While many apps provide interval training, most of them have a predefined program that includes interval training but lacks the individual approach to every user. We wanted to change that. As a professional runner, I learned from my coach (the person who creates almost every workout in Vitesse Running) that we are all so different from each other and we need to adjust to becoming successful in running. Thus, we all agreed that in order to make Vitesse Running successful for runners, we need to cover everyone’s individual needs.
We want to get to know each runner and make the best running program possible for you. This is why we gather information about you and your training. For example, based on how many days you are able to run per week, our Virtual coach will try to give you the most suitable workouts to make you faster for the time you can dedicate. Once you start running, we see your strengths and weaknesses and give you advice on how to improve. You will see those useful tips once you complete a workout.

A wide variety of interval running workouts

We also know how important the diversity of workouts is. For this reason, we have over 200 workouts and we continue to add on frequently.
With a variety of workouts, you can work on each aspect of your running that can help you to improve or reach your dream goal pace.
We divided our workouts by color and each color has a meaning and purpose. If you are doing a green workout, the idea is generally to recover and give room for your body to adapt. Yellow workouts aim to develop your basic endurance which is the core of your running. Red workouts are there to help you improve your speed endurance and purple workouts stand for strength endurance.
The Vitesse Virtual Coach will mix up your workouts in a very smart way so you can improve each quality you need to run faster but also recover so you don’t overtrain or get injured.

Marathon training simulations, fat burning and beginners running workouts

To maximize our app, we also added specific distance categories plus one for beginners and fat-burners. We know that each distance is specific and requires different volume, speed, and some final touches to make you a successful runner.
For example, you can’t do the volume of a marathon workout if you are simply trying to run a 5k. Furthermore, for those of you who are new to running or want to use it as a tool to lose weight, we added the beginners and fat-burning category. We keep those low-volume workouts with a lot of running+walking combos, so you have enough time to adapt until you start running without breaks for a longer period of time. Again, this will prevent you from overtraining and injuries along the way.

Determining of your goal pace

One of our best features and incredibly important one is that we give you PACE for each interval which is based on your GOAL PACE to ensure you are running at the right speed, which will get you to your new personal best on race days. This means no more workouts that give you no directions on how fast you should run them.
We personalize each interval to help you achieve your goal time. Furthermore, we track how well you do your workouts and advise you if you need to change your goal pace. For example, you might hear that 36 minutes is a good 5k time but your recent workouts show that you are at 32 minutes shape. Our Virtual Coach will notice that and ask you if you would like to correct your goal time.
It is possible that you also set a goal time that is unrealistic at that time and you will suffer trying to hit your goal pace at workouts. Again, the Vitesse Running Virtual Coach is here to help you and give you some suggestions about a switch in the pace. If you don’t know your pace, we have a solution for it too. You can do one of our race simulations and we will calculate the rest!

Running events, challenges and marathons

Vitesse Running is all about helping you improve your running and get to run certain distances as fast as possible. So it was only logical to add the option for participating in different events and races.
Search for running events and marathons around you through the Events tab, or simply take part in our monthly challenges. Either way, you will be able to see how well you’re doing compared to other users of the app – just check the Leaderboard tab to find out where you’re standing.
With Vitesse Running Events you will be able to find, purchase tickets and participate in running events and marathons around you – all within the app. This is where you whole training and competing can be happening, which should make the whole experience smoother and better for you!

Download Vitesse Running: The only app created with workouts from Olympic runners:

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