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Meet the Olympians behind Vitesse Running


They created all of the professional workouts in the app to help you become the best running version of yourself.

The Vitesse Story

Militsa Mircheva

National records holder & Olympic runner

Meet Militsa

Militsa is one of the best Bulgarian long-distance runners. She placed 108th in the 2016 Olympics marathon and is the first Bulgarian woman to ever finish a marathon at the Olympic Games.

Militsa got her Bachelors and Master degree at Florida State University, where she set multiple school records. Currently, she is competing for Bulgaria at an international level.

She has 6 national titles, 2nd place at the European cross-country championship and holds several national records. Among them is the Half-marathon record she set in Valencia in 2019 which had been unbroken for 23 years.

Meet Yolo

As a professional athlete, Yolo has a personal collection of 30+ championship titles.  The last one is from the National Athletics Indoor Championship in February 2020 where he won the gold in the 3, 000m.

On a national level, between 2010-2019, he has only been defeated by the athletes he trains.

In 2016 Yolo was the only athletic trainer with two Olympian runners in Rio. The professional running athletes he trains have won 50+ titles from national and European long-distance competitions.

Yolo Nikolov

Professional athlete & trainer of Olympian runners

Biz & Dev Team

We have gathered the perfect mix of individualities that work together to provide the best experience for runners and give justice to the awesome workouts Militsa & Yolo prepared. Meet the team!

Our mission

We have a passion for bringing great ideas to life. Ideas that personally inspire us to become better and that we want to share with the world. That’s how Vitesse Running came to be.

Building great apps is like running a marathon. It’s a long way to go, but the journey and the final result are well worth it.
We believe a product is successful only when it's built with passion.
The inspiration to bring ideas to life is our greatest motivator.

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