Vitesse Running


A mobile app for runners provides 360° PRO training for free

Vitesse Running is the only running app with workouts designed by Olympic runners & trainers. Powered by AI algorithms for accurate data analysis, the app provides an utterly professional experience for running enthusiasts of all levels. 

The workouts are divided into various categories. Newbies can start with Beginners or Fat Burning category to get into the world of running and build up their skills. Seasoned runners can choose a category based on the distance they currently train for – 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon. 



Introducing Target Pace

When a user opens the app, they get the option to choose the ideal time they want to finish a 5k/10k/Half-marathon or Marathon. Based on that, the Target Pace is calculated. That is the perfect speed either per kilometre or per mile needed to run the distance for the desired time.

The AI algorithms powering the app’s analysis examine the data from the runs. Then they asses and adjust the required target pace so that the runner can reach their goals faster. The users can track their current pace and see if they are deviating from the target pace at every interval of their running workout. They can do that real-time thanks to the advanced timer in Vitesse Running. If the user has a heart rate monitor, they can access the target heart rate workouts and also see real-time how they are keeping up with them.

Intensity level workouts for 360° training

The workouts in the categories have different purposes that come together to provide a complete training experience for the runners. There are four different intensity levels:


Easy run (Basic Endurance)

Those are the workouts that lay the foundation for every runner’s success. The speed should feel comfortable to moderate. Basic Endurance runs improve the capillary system and make metabolism efficient by using more fats for fuel. 


Speed Endurance

The Speed Endurance workouts are designed to advance both the aerobic and anaerobic endurance, while also improving V02max. They are vital because they train the body to run faster for longer.


Strength Endurance

Those are power-building workouts that prepare the runner’s physique to operate at very high intensity for a short duration of time. They are critical to equipping runners to endure the last parts of a race. 

Recovery run

Recovery runs build endurance further and make running more enjoyable. That’s the type of run the body needs to enhance the effect of the other more intense workouts. Without Recovery days, the body will get fatigued quickly and experience difficulties in running fast when needed. 

The professional athletes behind the workouts

Yolo Nikolov is a professional athlete & trainer. He has a personal collection of 30+ championship titles. On a national level, between 2010-2019, he has only been defeated by the athletes he trains. In 2016 Yolo was the only athletic trainer with two Olympic runners in Rio. The professional running athletes he trains have won 50+ titles from national and European long-distance competitions. 


Militsa Mircheva is one of the best Bulgarian long-distance runners. Placing 108th in the 2016 Olympics marathon, she is the first Bulgarian woman ever to finish a marathon at the Olympic Games. Militsa got her Bachelors and Master degree at Florida State University, where she set multiple school records. She has six national titles, 2nd place at the European cross-country championship and holds several national records.


Try the app yourself:

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